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Company History
WORAM is an international trading company for timber and timber related products in Switzerland.
Being established in 1989 with the trading of Swiss fruit trees, such as Apple, Pear and Cherry, WORAM became more and more known in the Music and Furniture Industry for high quality timber. During the following years, the company expanded its product range by trading exotic species and new products such as veneers.
Beside the timber trade, in 1998 WORAM‘s goal was to protect the timber and therefore became exclusive European distributor for the timber protection products ANCHORSEAL, LogSavers and FlitchSavers. Three leading products, that are developed by U.C. Coating Corp. which protect Logs and Lumber from cost intensive end checking.
In 2004, WORAM decided to sign a joint venture agreement with a Hong Kong based furniture production company. With this cooperation, the company is now able to extent its assortment with high quality and price competitive products. All furniture can be produced customised, based on the clients needs.
Since the beginning of 2005, two partnerships with veneer production plants were entered.
In September 2005, WORAM became FSC certified, which allows the trading of FSC products.
WORAM has expanded into different markets, where it is the goal to provide a constant and reliable service to its clients. With many years experience in the wood industry, the company was able to build up a large reliable network and is always aware of- and able to cover present market needs or quickly adept to new markets and its requirments.